Raipur : Commission issues guidelines for protection of child rights

Disclosing identity of children in media in cases of sexual harassment is prohibited

Chhattisgarh State Child Rights Protection Commission has issued guidelines for protection of child rights. These guidelines have been issued especially for media.

In the context, Chairman of the Commission quoted Section-13 Child Rights Protection Act 2005 and said that under this section, Commission has the right to make recommendations for best interest of children and for effective protection of child rights.

He informed that under Juvenile Act 2015 and Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act 2012, Commission has the right keep vigilance too.

Chairman of the Commission informed that under Section 2012 of Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act 2012, a proper procedure has been provisioned.

As per this provision, no person is allowed to report anything, or comment on or invade privacy or malign reputation of any child without having proper or authenticated information in form of any kind of media or studio or photo related facilities.

He informed that none of the reports released by media should include child’s name, address, photo, family details, school, neighbourhood, or anything that might disclose identity of the child.

However, competent special court may allow otherwise in certain sub-judice cases under this Act, if it considers it to be in interest of the child. Any person who violates these provisions would be subjected to imprisonment of not less than 6 months to one year and/or penalty. Chairman of the Commission informed that under Section-74 of Juvenile Act 2015 also, disclosure of child’s identity in any kind of media is prohibited.

And any person violating these provisions will be subjected to six months of imprisonment and/or penalty of upto Rs 2 lakh. For further details in the context, one may contact officers at Chhattisgarh Child Rights Protection Commission Office in Civil Lines Raipur on phone numbers- 0771-2420093 or 0771-2420094 or 0771-2420095, or on Commission’s toll free number 1800-233-0055 or child helpline 1098.

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