Raipur : Distance disappears as Prime Minister connects with beneficiaries through video conferencing

Women of Bastar-Raigarh interacted face-to-face with PM Narendra Modi

Women thanked Mr. Modi for pucca houses under Prime Minister Housing Scheme

Women of Bastar expressed gratitude by presenting statue of Lord Ganesh

It was a new and pleasant experience for women of poor families of Raigarh district and Bastar (Jagdalpur) in Chhattisgarh today to talk to Prime Minister of the country sitting miles away, through video conferencing.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi today had direct interaction with women of those beneficiary families, who have been sanctioned pucca houses under Prime Minister Housing Scheme.

Distance between Jagdalpur (Bastar) district headquarter and New Delhi is 1500km and distance between Raigarh district headquarter is 1300 km, but video conference made this long distance between Prime Minister and beneficiaries to vanish in a second. Beneficiary women from both rural and urban areas were present in the video conference.

All women beneficiary thanked Prime Minister. Women from Bastar were happy to interact with Prime Minister through video conference and they gifted a clay statue of Lord Ganesh to Prime Minister. Mr. Modi informed that Central Government has set the goal of providing pucca houses to all the homeless poor families under the scheme by year 2022.

Prime Minister congratulated these women for getting pucca houses under the scheme and wished peace and properity for their families. Today morning at first around 10.03 am, Prime Minister talked to 30 women beneficiary.

These women beneficiary were present at the video conference room of National Information Science Centre of Collectorate in District Headquarter Jagdalpur. The conversation started with Phoolmati Baghel of village Badedharaur (Lohandiguda block).

He motivated the women to adopt a healthy lifestyle and advised them to stay away from additictions of tobacco, ‘gudaku’ and other harmful intoxicants.

Live telecast of this video conference was done at Sirhasar Chowk, Shaheed Park, Kotwali and Municipal Corporation Office of Jagdalpur.

Women from village Titirgaon, Ghatakwali, Darbha, Narayanpal, Ulnar, Nagar Panchayat Bastar and Municipal Corporation area Jagdalpur were also present at the conference.

In the same sequence, 30 women listened to Prime Minister at video-conferencing room of NIC at Collectorate in Raigarh district headquarters.

These women thanked Prime Minister for sanctioning pucca houses under Prime Minister Housing Scheme. Resident of village Karrakot of Baramkela block, Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari informed Mr. Modi that this scheme has made my family’s dream of having our own pucca house come true.

Mrs. Naanmoti of village Darridih of Dharamjaigarh block, belonging to backward tribe-Birhor, said that earlier her family had to live in kuchcha house, and bear the leaking roof during rainy season. But now we have a pucca house and our problems are solved.

Likewise, women from other villages of the district also shared their experiences.


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