A courageous constable saves young man trapped dangerously upon skywalk

Raipur IG Deppanshu Kabra announces reward for Chandra Prakash


A brave heart constable saved the life of a young man, who had reportedly decided to end his life in wide public glare. He chose the under construction sky walk in Ghadi Chowk in Raipur for executing his plan. However, traffic police constable Chandra Prakash mopped up more than 30 feet without any safety measures to reach and save the young man who had, in his attempt to commit suicide, managed to trap himself by chance between two protruding rods on the sky walk. This dare devil act saved the life of a valuable member of a family and also won accolades from all quarters for constable Chandra Prakash.

A courageous constable saves young man trapped dangerously upon skywalk
A courageous constable saves young man trapped dangerously upon skywalk

The queer incident took place on Tuesday at about 7 AM. Someone suddenly noticed something irregular going on upon the skywalk. He brought it to the notice of constable Chandra Prakash too. On stressing his eyes a bit, Chandra Prakash realised that someone was desperately hanging from a protruding rod of the still unfinished skywalk. He immediately informed the control room about the happening.

He did not stop at that and at once decided to save the life of the man. First he tried to scale the pillars with the help of a ladder. However, finding the ladder too short to help him in anyway, he decided to reach the spot where the young man was hanging perilously without any support. Not even once he thought of his own safety. After exerting much, he reached where he wanted to reach. He helped extricate the young man from the tangle.

The exercise exhausted him to an extent but Chandra Prakash stood firm and beaming on the ground as people assembled there to hail him for the successful one-man resue operation. He told media representatives that while scaling the pillar, the thought of his personal safety did not even once occurred to him. This spirit won a salute from the range IG Deepanshu Kabra too, who at once declared a reward for constable Chandra Prakash.

The young man who tried to commit suicide, has been identified as Lokeh Yadav. It is said that he was depressed due to some family issues.

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