Raipur : Issuing bill on sale of goods worth more than Rs 200 is compulsory under GST

Transportation of goods worth more than Rs 50 thousand without e-way bill to be subjected to legal action

As per the information received from Commercial Tax (State-Tax) Department, it is compulsory for traders and shopkeepers to issue bills as per the rules on sale of goods worth Rs 200, under Goods and Services Tax Act (GST) 2017.

Department Officials informed today that customer can file complaint at Commissioner State Tax Office if this provision is violated.

Toll-free number for this is 1800-233-5382. Customers can also file their complaint through e-mail on [email protected] Complaints will be taken into account and the guilty found after investigation will be subjected to strict action.

Officials informed that with an objective to prevent tax-evasion, e-way bill system has been introduced. Under this system, if any businessman or transporter transports consignment worth more than Rs 50 thousand within the state or outside the state, then he would have to compulsorily carry certificate of e-way bill issuance along with sale invoice.

In case any transporter or trader is found transporting consignment of goods worth more than Rs 50 thousand without e-way bill, then he would be subjected to tax and penalty under GST Act 2017.

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