Rajdhani passengers could fly Air India by paying bit extra; heres how

Could Rajdhani passengers have the option of flying by Air India. According to the Indian Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohani, the wait listed passengers could afford flying the government airliner by paying little extra.


Lohani had mooted the plan last year when he was the carrier’s chief. Air India and IRCTC had even entered into a pact for the proposed arrangement. However the plan was not implemented.The Railway chief has said that he will clear the plan if Air India puts it up again.

Under the proposed arrangement, people who have unconfirmed tickets across classes on Rajdhani trains would have the choice of boarding an Air India flight by paying the difference, provided the airline has services in the particular train route chosen by the passenger.

Air India tickets would be offered to such passengers through IRCTC.

The scheme will be applicable to passengers with unconfirmed AC-I or AC-II tickets for Rajdhani Express.

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