Rajya Sabha MP expresses regret before V-P Naidu, for this reason

He cited the remark to stress that members can put forth their views without shouting

A Rajya Sabha member YSR MP V Vijayasai Reddy expressed regret on the manner making remarks when the chairman and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu refused him extra time to complete his speech on the issue of AP Reorganization Act.

To this, the Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu today cited former prime minister Manmohan Singh’s speech in the House.

He cited the remark to stress that members can put forth their views without shouting.

It need be mentioned that a short duration discussion in the Rajya Sabha yesterday was held on implementation of the AP Reorganisation Act.

Reddy today expressed his regret on the incident.

The member expressed regret after Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel raised the issue of a member casting aspersions on the chair during the debate yesterday.

He wanted the House to condemn the incident and the member concerned to apologise.

Reddy’s remarks yesterday did not go on record of the proceedings.

The verbatim debate posted on the Rajya Sabha website showed that Naidu had called the next speaker at the end of Reddy’s alloted time.

He disagreed with the Chair that he was given seven minutes time.

Today, Reddy said he wants to make a statement on yesterday’s incident “spontaneously and voluntarily” and not because of
someone’s prodding.

Earlier soon after official listed papers were laid on the table, Goel said two-and-half hours time was allocated for the short duration discussion which the Chair extended to four hours so that everyone got an opportunity.

31 May 2020, 6:41 AM (GMT)

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