Ram Gopal Varma comes out with a Full Blown Confession, Watch video

Ram Gopal Varma comes out with a full blown confession with regards to the Sri Reddy - Pawan Kalyan controversy.

Sri Reddy controversy keeps getting bigger as the days go by. Just when things were looking up for Sri Reddy after the ban was lifted by the Movie Artists Association, she created a stir yet again when she went on to abuse Power Star Pawan Kalyan on Television.

Her abuses and insults did not go down well on the Powerstar’s fans who trolled her incessantly. Some actors were of the view that she crossed the line and presented herself in poor light.

In reaction to her abuses, Madhavi Latha initiated a protest in support of Pawan Kalayan. But now in a shocking turn of events it has been revealed that another person was the reason Sri Reddy abused Pawan Kalyan. He is no less a controversial figure and has in fact faced hate trolls for the longest time.

The actor has taken to social media to reveal that he was reason behind Sri Reddy’s abusive rant against Pawan Kalyan. As per reports on Hans India, the actor directed her to do so that she would garner attention.

It is also reported that he asked her to command for Rs 5 crore from Suresh Babu in compensation for what his son has done. Check out Ram Gopal Varma’s full confession here:

The Sri Reddy controversy began on April 7th when the actress stripped down to her bare minimum to protest against the casting couch in Tollywood.

After not being offered roles for months, the actress in a fit of rage went topless to catch the attention of the industry. Initially her act was not taken well by the industry who decided to reject her application for the Movie Artists Association.

But after she exposed multiple casting couch cases with proof, the Natural Humans Commission slapped a notice on the Telangana Government. Soon after the ban was lifted on her and a Commission for women was set up to address issues of sexual exploitation.

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