Ramzan means a lot more for those who don’t drink or eat

Two cannon shots ring out across the vast courtyard of the Jama Masjid and the crowded streets beyond, signalling an end to a long, hot day of fasting and the beginning of some feasting with family and friends. But Ramzan means a lot more for those who don’t drink or eat from sunrise to sunset, observing the ‘roza’ for the entire month until Eid. As the day ends and dusk falls over the area, there’s a momentary silence as thousands of ‘rozedaar’ gathered in the courtyard of one of Asia’s biggest mosques begin the ritual of the evening namaz.

And then it’s time to open the sherbet bottles, to ladle out fruit salad and hand out plates of dates, the chatter building up as plans for Eid just a few days away this week get firmed up. After the namaz of Maghrib, the crowd starts to trickle out in the streets, famous for its kababs, roasted chicken, biryani and other Indian-Mughlai delicacies. Netizens took to the social media platform, Twitter to celebrate this auspicious day and shower wishes on all the people observing Roza.

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