Rape allegation against Army officer, heres what had happened

She was cleaning the quarters at the time

An Army Major has been booked by Delhi police for allegedly raping his domestic help.

As per the statement of the woman, one Major Gaurav raped her on July 12.

She was cleaning the quarters at the time.

The woman has also accused him and another relative of killing her husband, as per police.

The woman claims to also have a son.

She alleged that while the Army Major told his husband to go on an errand and directed her to go to the room.

When she opposed, she was slapped by the Major and dragged to the room.

As per the complaint, the woman’s husband visited and saw Army Major sexually assaulting his wife.

This led to a quarrel between the two men, said police citing the complaint and Major Gaurav not only allegedly threatened him but also later killed him.

The woman was living in the servant’s quarter at Major Gaurav’s house in Delhi Cantonment with her husband and son for the last three months.

While she cooked and cleaned for him, her husband used to water plants and do other odd jobs.

After the incident she moved out with her son to a relative’s place.

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