the topic chosen today for blogging is a very sensitive issue which people wont like to talk about but this is the sad truth of our country. today we'll show you the reality of "DEVELOPING INDIA".

starting with the incidents india could not digest;
An 18-month-old girl was raped on Monday afternoon by her father’s friend who was tasked with babysitting her at their home in an urban village in south Delhi, police said.
The crime came to light the same evening when the child’s mother returned home to find blood on her daughter’s private parts and clothes. The parents quickly alerted the police upon which the suspect was nabbed from the same home.
aren’t those persons out of the mind who makes a 1.5 year old girl a victim!
what’s her mistake? small clothes! open body parts! will the society still blame girls for all this?
not only this here are few more cases of innocent girls whom society think as burden;shameless;taboo etc.

Haryana: 14-year-old boy rapes his 3-year-old neighbor!
Instead of the giggles of their daughter, parents of a little girl came home to an unpleasent incident that would scar them for life. While they were away working as laborers on site, the 14-year-old neighbor tempt the girl to accompany him and then raped her.
sad to listen na? so who’s responsible?

50-year-old mutilates body of a 10-year-old by inserting a wooden object.
A distant relative of this minor sexually assaulted the girl by trying to insert a wooden object in her vagina. She was playing outside her home when the incident took place. She narrated this fearful attack to her parents who hurried her to a hospital and filed a report with the police.
will these morons be accepted in hell?

Neighbors rape and murder 11-year-old.

A Class-6 student stepped out of her house to throw trash when two of her neighbors raped her. Her semi-nude body was found in a deserted area in the outskirts of a village in Panipat.
how these lunatics face themselves?

Faridabad: Attackers kidnap and gang-rape 23-year-old, dump her near a petrol pump.
A woman walking home from work at 7 PM was pulled into a Scorpio with four men and raped for over two hours. The incident was reported to the police by an eye-witness and the cousin who was on a phone call with the victim.
this is nothing but male chauvinism!!
bloody fools.

Himachal Pradesh: 16-year-old sets herself on fire after being raped by two men.
The two men barged into the victim’s house when she was alone and raped her. Traumatized by this, the girl locked herself into her room, spilled kerosene on her body and set it alight. The father was away at work while the mother and her sibling had gone to a relative’s house to celebrate Makar Sankranti.
people take advantage of such auspicious days also!
and who is responsible for her damage?

15. Shopian rape and murder case

On 29th June 2009, two sisters in law’s went missing from their house in Shopian district, Jammu and Kashmir. On the next day, their bodies were found, one kilometer away from their house. Both the women were raped and then murdered. No FIR was registered on the spot, but when this case spread, the police filed the FIR report after 11 days.

8 out of 10 cases are no even reported. girls are not even safe in their own society? is it 21st century? is it!

Mumbai gang rape who can forget this!

2013 Mumbai gang rape was executed by five individuals in the abandoned Shakti Mills compound, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. On August 22, 2013, a 22-year-old photojournalist with her male colleague went to the deserted compound on an assignment. Five men attacked them, tied the male colleague and molest the photojournalist.
They also threatened both of them to not to report this incident. She gave her statement to police after four days on the 26 August, after receiving medical treatment. In her statement, she bravely said that, “I want no other woman in this city and country to go through such a brutal physical humiliation.

Perpetrators should be punished hardly, they have ruined my life. No punishment short of a life term will take away my pain, humiliation and physical abuse I underwent. Rape is not the end of life. I will continue my fight.” This spread like a fire in the jungle, and soon the police were able to catch those culprits in 65 hours. On April 4, three of the culprits were sentenced to death while two of them were awarded with the life sentence

Delhi Gang rape and murder case
16 December 2012 is the darkest day in the history of India. Delhi Gang rape and murder case was one of the most brutal case not only in India but in the world. A 23 year woman and her friend were on their way to home from Saket to Dwarka. On their way, near Munirka, they aboard an off duty private bus to reach their final destination.
Soon after some time, the male passenger, Awindra Pratap Pandey found that the bus was deviated and not going where they thought they were going. He was beaten by six people who were already on board with an iron rod and knocked unconscious. Then six of them of which one is a juvenile forced the woman, raped her and then he injected a wheel jack handle rite into her genitals, which damaged her abdomen and intestine.
Their cruelty didn’t just end here, they threw both of them out from the moving bus, and vanished out of the spot. After a week of treatment, she died in a hospital in Singapore. All the six people were arrested and one of them Ram Singh committed suicide in trial period in jail. Four of them were hanged and the young boy under 18 is sent to a juvenile home.

These are just few of the many crimes committed against women- crimes that have been reported. There lie many such horror stories of women wishing it hadn’t happened to them, wishing they had taken a different route home, that they had skipped class, wishing for a happier life, a happy new year.


1. Name the real problems: Violent masculinity and victim-blaming.
When an the right question is not, “What was she doing/wearing/saying when she was raped?” The right question is, “What made him think this is acceptable?” Sexual violence is a pervasive problem that cannot be solved by analyzing an individual situation.

2. Re-examine and re-imagine masculinity: Once we name violent masculinity as a root cause of violence against women, we have to ask: Is masculinity inherently violent? How can you be a man/masculine without being violent? Understand that rape is not a normal or natural masculine urge. Join organizations working to redefine masculinity and participate in the national conversations on the topic.

3. Get media literate. Media, like everything else we consume, is a product; someone imagined, created and implemented it. Ask the right questions about who creates media that profits off the objectification of women, especially women of color. Feed your mind and heart with media that portrays women as full human beings with the right to bodily autonomy.

4. Globalize your awareness of rape culture. Yes, different societies have particularities when it comes to gender based violence, but it is counterproductive to essentialize entire nations/cultures/races.

Don’t laugh at rape. Most people aren’t rapists. But most rapists believe that everyone does it. What’s more, you can’t tell if you’re in the presence of a rapist. They don’t look any different from the rest of us, and may be perfectly good company. So while it might seem harmless to you to laugh at a joke that makes light of rape, your laughter could be telling an unknown rapist in your midst that you think rape is hilarious.

organisations that women can count on during tough times.

#Azad foundation


Tel: +91 11 4060 1878
Email: [email protected]

#Women’s Rights Unit of Lawyers Collective
Tel: 91-11-24374830

24 Hour Helpline: 022-27546669
Office (10am to 7pm): 022-27546667
Email: [email protected]

apps women must have

For good reason, many women worry about walking home alone. If you’re in danger, just use the button. The app will notify local police of your location and someone will be on their way to help.

1. VithU App
No one has the time to dial an emergency number when they are in danger. The VithU App lets a potential victim skip through the number-punching, and lets you push your power button twice to instantly send an SOS alert to contacts. Alert messages are sent out every two minutes to listed contacts, who will receive a message along with your physical location, which will get updated each time the message goes out.

2. Life360 Family Locator App
Life360 is a multipurpose app to stay in touch with your family members and friends and keep a handle on their location. The app lets you create circles, add people to them and see their locations on a confidential map. This way you’ll be able to always keep track of your family members and confirm that they’re safe and sound. You can share your location with them, or send an alert to your circle members. You can even chat with your circle members for free. As a bonus, you can also use this app to recover your lost or stolen phone.

3. Nirbhaya: Be Fearless App
The Nirbhaya App is another app that lets the user send an sms alert or call with a single touch in the event of an emergency. When activated, it will send your precise GPS location to your pre-selected contacts, with exact location updates every 300 meters you move. Other features include the Geo Fence (which helps keep your contacts informed of your location), the ‘Shake to alert’ function, and you can use the power button to send out a distress signal.

4. Sentinel Personal Security SOS App
The Sentinel Personal security app claims to be the fastest SOS app available in the current market. It lets you send SMS and email alerts, as well as call your emergency contacts when the need arises. The SMS alert will contain your GPS location, time, and direction of travel. It works even without a working Internet connection or network, which could make the difference between life and death.

5.SpotNsave Feel Secure App
Here’s a personal safety app that works on a slightly different concept. Instead of requiring a smartphone, you can stay safe with a special smart band that works with this app. Put on the band on your wrist, and when you find yourself in an emergency, just click on the button on the band twice to send out a distress signal to your guardian network. Your signal will be updated every 2 minutes. The app can track up to 5 users, which makes it great for a families who want to keep track on each other.

this blog just tried to aim and show you what is happening around the world and ways to protect you.
so be safe be aware!
thankyou, have a nice day 🙂

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