Rape of class V girl got her pregnant, heres who police arrested

It was there that the two took turns to rape her

Police in Patna have arrested a principal and teacher of a private school for raping a Class V student repeatedly over the last one month.

It is said that the incident took place when the victim complained to her parents of unbearable abdominal pain.

It was when the parents took her to hospital that the matter unravelled.

It also turned out that she is now been pregnant for three weeks.

Police sources confirmed that the victim was asked by the accused teacher to visit the principal’s chamber on the pretext of evaluating her answer sheets.

It was there that the two took turns to rape her.

When the accused principal and teacher raped the girl for the first time, they filmed the act and later blackmailed her.

Police have also come about pictures and videos of the girl while they raped her as this was being used to force the girl into silence.

The police have said that a speedy trial will be done in the case to provide justice
to the girl and her family.

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