Rare medical feat allows woman to deliver baby with transplanted uterus

baby girl was delivered on Thursday

In a rare medical feat, a 28-year-old woman underwent a uterus transplant and also subsequently gave birth to a baby girl at a private hospital in Pune.

The baby girl was delivered on Thursday.

It need be mentioned that a doctor who treated her claimed that it was the first such case in the country.

The Vadodara resident Meenakshi Walan underwent the transplant in May 2017.

Dr Neeta Warty is one of the doctors who oversaw the delivery.

Ms Walan’s mother donated her uterus to her daughter as Ms Walan’s uterus had become non-functional following a miscarriage, she said.

After the transplant surgery, Ms Walan conceived through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) method, she said.

Ms Walan delivered a baby girl at Galaxy Care Hospital, where she had undergone the transplant earlier, through a cesarean delivery.

Dr Warty claimed that this was the first-of-its-kind delivery not only in India but the “Asia-Pacific region”.

“Nine such transplants and deliveries have taken place in Sweden, two in USA and now this is the 12th in India,” she claimed.

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