Re-verification of mobile subscribers using Aadhaar gets simpler; know more about it

Re-verification of mobile subscribers using Aadhaar gets simpler; know more about it

Not wanting to further annoy the customers by making them go through cumbersome process of re-verification of their sim cards with the Aadhaar card numbers, the government has further simplified this process.The process of re-verification of existing mobile subscribers using Aadhaar is set to become simpler and more convenient, according to an official source.

The government has initiated a series of measures, including allowing re-verification at subscribers’ doorstep and One Time Password (OTP) based authentication of existing users, to make the entire exercise easier for telecom subscribers.

Telecom operators have been directed to offer facility for re-verification at the subscribers’ doorstep for convenience of those with disability, illness or old age, the source familiar with the development told PTI.

Operators have been asked to put in place an online mechanism (through website, and other means) for people to request for such service.

It has also enabled Aadhaar OTP (One time password) based authentication for re-verification of the existing mobile users. Telecom service providers have been instructed to initiate a scheme to use OTP based re-verification of mobile subscribers using SMS or IVRS or on their mobile app.

“This means that if one mobile number is registered in Aadhaar database, then the OTP method can be used for reverification of that number as well as other mobile numbers owned by the subscriber,” the source pointed out.

Nearly 50 crore mobile numbers are already registered in Aadhaar database, and the OTP can be leveraged for re-verification in all of these cases, the source added.


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