Relative takes minor girl to secluded spot; rapes her along with car driver

Police meanwhile have arrested the driver and the relative

Amid nation-wide outrage over gang rape of minor girls, another such crime came to fore in Durg district of Chhattisgarh state.

Police sources claimed that the girl had been part of wedding procession and it was one of the relative who conspired to take her to a place of solitude to commit the crime.

As per reports, there was also a driver as accomplice.

Police meanwhile have arrested the driver and the relative.

The incident, as per police, took place as the minor girl was lured into going with the relative while the others in the family were busy with the wedding rituals.

Then, the relative took her to a place of solitude in a car.

While they headed to Nagpura to find lonely stretch, the relative and the driver then took turns of raping the minor girl.

The two then also threatened the girl with dire consequences if she revealed the crime to anyone.

But it so happened, police said, that a passing bus driver spotted them.

While the two accused fled the spot, the truck driver then took the girl to City Kotwali police station and the crime was registered.

The two were arrested from Rajnandgaon district and have now been booked under the stringent POCSO act.

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