Released from Pakistani jail, Hamid Nehal Ansari crosses over to India

After having spent last six years in jail, Hamid Nehal Ansari finally arrived back in India.

He made it back into the country through Wagah border.

It need be mentioned that he was in Pakistani jail for espionage charges.

He was released earlier today.

Hamid Nehal Ansari, aged 33 yrs old, was greeted by his family and many officials at the Wagah border.

In an emotional reunion, his parents, Nehal and Fauzia, hugged their weary-looking son. An official then handed him a bottle of water.

Islamabad had alleged that Mr Ansari was an “Indian spy” who illegally entered Pakistan and accused him of being involved in anti-state crimes, forging documents.

The foreign ministry said that it has received a note from Pakistan that they would be releasing Mr Ansari on Tuesday.

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