Reports claim that India & Pakistan threatened missile strikes on each other

As the simmering tensions between India and Pakistan have now cooled off quite a bit, there are various reports in the media suggesting that situation had worsened to a large extent.

Such had become the situation that two countries were contrmplating missile strikes on each other as things appeared to be spiraling out of control.

It need be mentioned that timely interventions by US officials including national security advisor John Bolton is being credited for prevention of further escalation.

The two countries are also nuclear armed and this always comes up when tensions ratchet up on some or other issue.

The simmering dispute erupted into conflict late last month when Indian and Pakistani warplanes engaged in a dogfight over Kashmir on Feb 27, a day after a raid by Indian jet fighters on a militant camp in Pakistan.

However, the two sides have yet to comment on these speculative reports that have emerged from the western media outlets.

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