Rescued sailor Abhilash Tomy now admitted island hospital

rescued from the Indian Ocean off Australia

Rescued Indian sailor Abhilash Tomy is now under treatment at a hospital in a remote island.

He had been rescued from the Indian Ocean off Australia.

Navy officer Tomy was safely rescued from his stricken yacht with a serious back injury on Monday after a carefully-coordinated international effort.

He was rescued on a French fisheries vessel Osiris.

He was not in distress but had radioed for a controlled evacuation and was in touch with reconnaissance aircraft.

He said the fishing vessel Osiris will remain in the area till HMAS Ballarat (Australian warship) and INS Satpura reach the island.

According to reports, the island only has a small hospital with limited facilities.

Adrift some 3,500 kilometres from western Australia, the 39-year-old navy commander was confined to his bunk and unable to move.

But Indian and Australian officials said a French fisheries patrol vessel involved in the international rescue mission had found the sailor “in a stable condition”.

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