Rescuers race against time to salvage miners trapped in Meghalaya mine

On the issue of trapped Meghalaya miners, the latest update is that the rescue workers are racing against time.

There are a total of 15 men trapped inside a flooded 320-feet coal mine in Meghalaya.

But they have been trapped there for over a fortnight now.

After the issue was highlighted at the level of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, the Air Force was deployed to convey Navy divers and trucks loaded with high-power pumps to the rescue site.

It need be mentioned that rescue operations had to be suspended on Monday after the low-powered pumps being used to suck out water failed to help.

Water from a nearby river and an another abandoned mine had flooded the mine after the collapse. Low-capacity pumps used by the NDRF turned out to be ineffective in pumping out water from the collapsed mine.

Locals were quoted by news reports as saying that the illegal private mine was closed for a long time.

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