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Restaurant making use of Robots as Waiters, Watch Video

Robot theme restaurant opens in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore.

In Chennai a restaurant making use of robots as waiters has made its foray into the textile city.

The trend of robot restaurants has become usual in Japan, China, Bangladesh and some western countries and that prompted a group of youngsters to start this venture, claimed to be the first such in the country, some eight months ago in Chennai, a partner of the ‘robot theme restuarant’ said.

“There are a few robot waiters to bring food to the customers’ tables,” Jagadeesh said.

The robots are imported and in different colours and the restuarant has some manpower to programme the machines, he said.

“Each table has a tablet and the customer just have to enter the dishes they need on it and press send and the order will reach the cooks and once it’s done, the cooks will send out the robots to serve to the respective tables,” he said.

The robots understand English and Tamil, Jagadeesh said.

The tablet also displays the menu and rates, he said.

Watch Video how robot serves food:

Courtesy: zee news

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