Revival of Congress need hard work

Anser Kidwai

Elections in five states over , and battels have been lost and won  with the congress capturing  the three crucial states of Rajasthan , MadhyaPradesh and Chhattisgarh  . A cruel irony of fate for the BJP;RSS, which has been rulling the roost for and unbreakable span of fifteen years and this at a time when their elections mascot, Mr Narendra Modi is still at his fighting best.  


More significantly, the congress has shed its political poor relation  image emerging as it does as it re-emerges force to reckon with in the large context of the Lok Sabha general elections just a few months away . It is indeed a big boost for the party’s rank and file- more over its success in the quest of a credible leader  Rahul Gandhi – the BJP’s ”Pappu” .



The significance of the Congress showing should, however, be seen in a proper context; while the parties achievement is neither a fluke nor accidental , there is no room for gloating over it and sit back praying for luck to smile all over again in the general elections . Yet 2019 is a qualitetbly different political exercise.  The list of main contestant would also be a much longer and more comlex longer one and complex too. What lies ahead is hard work and unspearing labour-for the general elections in as much as this will is going to not be as an simle exercise- rather the powerful opposition groupings in the states will be a complex factor to recken with – leader’s ranging from Mr Chandra Babu Naidu to Mrs Mayavati and Mrs Mamata Benerji are the heavy weights to be kept on the right side . They are political bosses and states heroes in their own right and have there own ambitions to fullfil.


 There is already a talk of forming a grand allience of the opposition  but so far no concrete shape has emerged – it is to be seen what the Congress behaviour would be in its new avatar. Much would depend on the political craftmenship and strategical skills of these leaders to make a solid block against the BJP ;RSS dieheart warriors. After all Hindutva forces will not lay down arms without stiff resistence , last ditch-stands to say so. 


The Congress ,on its part, has much to learn from success. It is time to stop its drift towards looking like a soft Hindutva version of the BJP; RSS – led combinations. The latters stock in trade has anti minority particularly against large muslims communities. Name changing of cities made worse by the lynching regime  has been a suicidal exercise in an open intolerant ambience in India’s social , emotional and historical contest. Yet, Mr Rahul Gandhi forays into temples and religious centers of different faiths has been one too many – the deliberate put : on the forehead. Carrys an image which has been at odds with concepts of Nehru’s India , the way things have been going on – success or failure, that seems to have made it a complex haul.     


It is a welcome and some what redeeming feature that the reaction of victory  has been  rather sober on the congress side – no feku, pappu  barbs – no exchanges of inselfs, no BJP-RSS , like arrogance. First of all the margin of victory has been a touch – and go a fair yet atleast the congress is be quite justified in taking pride in its success. The facts remains that Mr Narendra  Modi’s position is largely unshaken and he is still the prime minister . The BJP-RSS their firing power remains intact and so Mr Modi’s owns capacity to his wars with a reasonably good chances for and to hope for an encore. Yet for both his party and he himself  will have to give up- aberrations putting an end to the fiefsdoms of love-jihad , lynch raj, gharwapsi , and possessive occupation with politicising  the temple issue.                                                                       


The question is not if these electoral successes will lead the way of  Rahul Prime Ministership but he has his own advantages . After all the congress has an all India base unlike the regional groupings and a rich heritage which is why the congress leader carries  an natural aura. Their leaders can affords hot to carry their high positions on the sleeves. Rajiv Gandhi could impress without being showy. He would offen speak in informal company to Indira ji as PM much after she was gone. Along – standing way out still lies in the party going back to modern yet convectional Nehru roots                

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