Rising ocean levels could lead to 2 bn climate change refugees by 2100: Study

A research study has warned that one-fifth of the world’s population, about two billion people, could become climate change refugees by the year 2100 due to rising ocean levels.

Researchers said, those who once lived on coastlines will face displacement and resettlement bottlenecks as they seek habitable places inland. Charles Geisler, professor at Cornell University in the US said, the future rise in global mean sea level probably would not be gradual.
According to a UN report, Earth’s escalating population is expected to top nine billion people by 2050 and climb to 11 billion people by 2100. Feeding that population will require more arable land even as swelling oceans consume fertile coastal zones and river deltas, driving people to seek new places to dwell. According to the study, about 1.4 billion people could be climate change refugees by 2060.

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