Robbery on national highway; left newly married bride dead

couple were driving near village Mataur on National Highway 58 at the time of crime

In a major crime, culprits shot dead a newly married bride after robbing and her husband of cash.

The couple were driving near village Mataur on National Highway 58 at the time of crime.

The miscreants then sped away with the couple’s car.

The incident occurred after the couple, who were on their way back to Muzaffarnagar stopped at a roadside eatery near Partapur on NH 58.

As per reports, there were a total of four criminals who followed the victim’s cab from the eatery.

They were eventually able to overtake the car near village Mataur.

Once they halted the couple’s cab, the criminals held the victim, her husband and other members of the family at gunpoint.

They demanded them to hand over any cash or jewellery in their possession.

It was then that one of the miscreants approached the bride who was sitting inside the car and demanded that she hand over all of her jewellery.

When she resisted, the criminal shot her and dragged her injured body out of the vehicle making away with the loot.

Even though the bride was later rushed to the nearest hospital which was about 25 km away, the doctors declared her dead upon arrival.

The victim, Fahrana of Nahal village of Ghaziabad and her husband, Shahjeb, a resident of Mimlana road of Muzaffarnagar, were recently married.

A manhunt for those responsible has been launched by the UP police who are likely to examine CCTV footage of petrol pumps and Western UP toll roads to identify the robbers.

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