Rohingya family makes it to Kerala, being questioned by police

family apparently made it to a coastal village of Vizhinjam

In a development that should further cause panic amongs the security agencies of the country, a family of five Rohingya Muslims is now being questioned in Kerala.

The family had reached Thiruvananthapuram.

The family apparently made it to a coastal village of Vizhinjam.

The situation is alarming as this comes days after the central government directed the states to be cautious and observe the movements of the Rohingya.

The government had directed national security behind this latest directive.

It is said that Rohingya family of five reached Thiruvananthapuram from a Rohingya camp in Hyderabad.

They took a train and later walked all the way to Vizhinjam.

Police have so far been able to ascertain that the Rohingya family moved to Kerala in search of better livelihood.

Police is now making arrangements to send them back to the camp in Hyderabad.

The family, it was told to the media, do have valid ID card from UN recognising them as refugees.

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