Rohingyas threat to national security, central govt to Supreme Court

In its affidavit submitted in the apex court, the Union government on Monday described Rohingyas as illegal migrants from Myanmar as posing a threat to national security. The influx, said the government, started in 2012. The centre also reiterated that some of the Rohingya leaders are found linked to Pakistan-based terrorist groups as well as infamous Pak based intelligence services as well as the Islamic State and thus pose serious threat to security of the country.”The right to reside and settle in the country is available only to citizens and not to illegal immigrants,” the government argued, asserting that India is not bound by the UN convention on refugees, as it is not a signatory. It also said the influx of illegal immigrants had “a direct detrimental effect on the fundamental and basic human rights of country’s own citizens”.Chief Justice Dipak Misra, posting the next hearing on October 3, said: “We want to first see the legal position. What’s the jurisdiction of court and what kind of jurisdiction can we invoke.”

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