Romantic wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

<p>Gifts for men can be really tough, even when it’s the man you’re married to. Maybe especially then. You know everything he already has and you don’t want to gift him something like those headphones he mentioned – so unromantic, right? When you get married, everything is a big, grand ‘first’ and every ‘first’ should be special. If your first anniversary is coming up and you want to gift your husband something more meaningful than another pair of something he already has, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got some ideas that’ll make for a very romantic night – one he won’t be forgetting for years to come.</p>

1. A Surprise Party For 2

Get free early and plan a party at home – get the streamers and fairy lights out. Candles, snacks, wine, music, a fancy dress – the whole schabang. Let him be surprised by the guest list though – it’s just you and him. It’ll be the perfect gift for the both of you to get some quality time to spend with each other. After all, it’s your day, right? You don’t need to go around pleasing other people if you don’t want to.

2. Notes That Follow Him All Day

Men love attention. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. They might not openly ask to be pampered with it but they sure jump with joy internally when it happens. So get your art and craft stuff out and start making cute little tags, notes and letters. You can scribble sweet (and some naughty) things on them for him to find wherever he goes. One in his pocket, another in his shoe. He might just stop getting ready and convince you to just stay in bed. If you know what we mean…

3. A Love Story Map

We’re sure you have a few photo frames all over your house. Get the maps of special places printed out in a heart shape and put them in all the frames. Starting from the place you met to the venue of your wedding – find all of them and remind him of all the amazing times you’ve spent together.

4. 365 Days Of Your Love

Sound super cheesy but sometimes, it’s easier to write the mushy stuff than to say it to someone. Give him 365 reasons you love him – some can include pictures, Go from simple (‘Because you make me laugh till I cry’) to silly (‘Because you give the best foot massages) to meaningful (‘Because you know what I’m feeling before even I know it’). Let him choose if he would like to open one a day or all of them together.

5. Plan A Proposal

<p>In case he was the one who proposed to you originally, plan to propose to him this time around. Get tons of balloons, fill your bedroom up with them and be in the centre, on the bed when he comes in. Ask him to be yours, forever. Remember how you felt on top of the world when he proposed? Let him feel a fraction of that on your anniversary. He deserves it. Here are some more proposal ideas.</>

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