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Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine Not Sufficiently Tested: Germany

New Delhi: A day after Russia announced that it has developed the first Coronavirus vaccine, German Health Minister Jens Spahn on Wednesday claimed that the vaccine had not been sufficiently tested, asserting that the aim is to have a safe product rather then just being the first to start vaccinating people, Reuters reported.

“I would be pleased if we had an initial, good vaccine but based on everything we know – and that’s the fundamental problem, namely that the Russians aren’t telling us much – this has not been sufficiently tested,” the agency quoted the health minister as saying. “It’s not about being first somehow – it’s about having an effective, tested and therefore safe vaccine,” he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday announced that the country has developed the first vaccine offering “sustainable immunity” against the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19.

The Russian Defence Ministry had said that a “final medical examination” of participants in clinical trials of the vaccine took place on August 3 at the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital.

“The results showed that all volunteers had a clear immune response resulting from vaccination. There were no side effects or abnormalities in the work of the volunteers”, a statement released by the Russian ministry read.


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