S Korea has no plan to reverse THAAD deployment: Kang Kyung-wha

South Korea’s top diplomat says, the government has no plans to reverse the deployment of an advanced US missile defense system, or THAAD.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha made the remark on Monday, before South Korean President Moon Jae-in meets US President Donald Trump in Washington for their first summit this week.

Speaking at a security forum in Seoul, Kang said the deployment of THAAD was a decision based on South Korea’s alliance with the United States. She said the government has no intention of reversing the commitments made in the spirit of the bilateral alliance.

She indicated that the government will seek public support for the THAAD deployment through democratic procedures.

There is persistent opposition in South Korea over the THAAD deployment. The US and South Korea have not agreed on when the system will be started.

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