Sakshi does it again; remarks couple displaying affection publicaly should be jailed

Going by BJP Member of Parliament Sakshi Maharaj assertions, all couples displaying affection towards each other publically should be jailed. “Be it a motorcycle, car or park, couples can be seen behaving in a vulgar fashion. They hug each other as if the girl will eat the boy or the boy will eat the girl,” the Lok Sabha member from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh said.  He told reporters in Bharatpur in Rajasthan, “It will be appropriate to take action and put such couples behind bars before anything wrong occurs.” Known for not mincing his words, the BJP leader said everyone ignores them but when rape occurs people demand action by the police.

Ram Rahim and Rampal were “hypocrites”, he alleged. On the Rohingya Muslim refugees issue, the BJP MP said they had no right to stay in the country.

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