Salman Khan helps co-star to Fight Tuberculosis

Salman Khan Helps Co-Star Pooja Dadwal Fight Tuberculosis

Salman Khan’s, co-star in Veergati (1995) Pooja Dadwal has been battling tuberculosis since five months. But she walked out of the Sewri TB hospital, healthy and hearty on 7 August.

According to a report, Dadwal’s illness received a lot of media attention, following which Salman stepped in to help her.

Dadwal, who weighed 23 kg, was admitted in the hospital in March. She’s put on more than 20 kg since and thanks Salman’s Being Human foundation for lending support after her family abandoned her and she lost all hope of ever recovering from the illness.

“From clothes to soaps, diapers, food, medicines, his (Salman Khan) foundation took care of everything. If I survived the ordeal, it is only because of him,” she told.

According to the report, Salman’s Being Human foundation provided a number of multi-vitamins and protein supplements, which are quite expensive, to help in her recovery process.

The doctor in-charge of Pooja’s case, Dr Lalit Anande says that after noticing positive results in Pooja through multi-vitamins and supplements, they hope to use the method for other TB patients. “A majority of the patients who come to the TB hospital are from the economically weaker section of society, who cannot afford the various multivitamins and other supplements,” added Dr Anande .

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