Salman Khan’s Fashion Designer Ashley Rebello sends a Heartfelt Note

It was three decades ago that Salman's debut film, Biwi Ho Toh Aisi, had hit the theatres.

Salman Khan, has completed 30 years in the industry today.It was three decades ago that Salman’s debut film, Biwi Ho Toh Aisi, had hit the theatres. We are sure that back then no one must have had any idea that the innocent looking boy will turn out to be one of the superstars of the industry and will continue to rule supreme over Bollywood even all these years later.

He is still the superstar that comes as a beacon of hope for the trade and it is he who they look up to when the business is slumping. Considering all this, it comes as no surprise that Salman has as many fans as he does.

While stars do have fans, Salman’s fans are a breed of their own. They are loyal to a fault and this is only because their star has this larger-than life persona which anyone else rarely has.

Not just fans, even those close to the actor are in awe of him. Celebrity fashion designer, Ashley Rebello, who has been working closely as Salman’s stylist since years, too, has something to share about the actor’s journey. Here’s what he says..

“He is Tiger, Chulbul, Prem, Sultan, to all, but to me he is Salman mama’s boy, a philanthropist, an actor par excellence, a family man with a heart of gold! He has been in the industry for 30 years. Though it may all sound cheesy but it’s true…love this man to death.

I remember my first shoot with him…it was like yesterday when he told me, ‘Relax, Ashley, I won’t bite!’ That was during Wanted and now it’s Bharat and he has come a long way. The last ten years with him have been just wonderful, and trust me, he does not bite!

And on a serious note, I feel a sense of gratitude, cause he introduces me to any one as a part of his family; my friends even call me Ashley Khan, but I laugh it off. Be it Eid or Diwali or a birthday, I am always included as a part of his family and as his mother calls me, ‘my angel’ but little does she know she is my angel and his sister, Alvira, is my life line. 30 years to you, Salman, in the industry, and 30 more to come! You know I will always stand by you, no matter what. Here’s to you, Salman Bhai!”

Well, that was heartfelt indeed but then anyone who has known Salman Khan knows he is a person with a heart of gold.

We Clipper28 Family also congratulate Salman on completing 30 years in the industry. 

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