Salmonella outbreak is linked to red, white and yellow onions

The worst part is that the presence of bacteria cannot be detected as they cannot be seen or smelled

Food and Drug Administration has expanded its recall of fresh whole onions due to concerns over salmonella.

Health authorities US said they have confirmed 652 cases of salmonella infection, across 37 states with more than 100 patients ending up in hospital. The infections is linked to whole, fresh onions imported from the state of Chihuahu in Mexico between the beginning of July-August 2021.

US authorities said they had identified 20 illness clusters at restaurants where onions were served with many of those who were taken ill found to have eaten raw onions.

Symptoms of the salmonella infection usually start showing up 6 hours to 6 days after ingesting the bacteria. It can affect people of all age groups and symptoms are more or less the same. It is particularly risky for the younger kids aged below 5 years and older adults above 65 years. Those with compromised immunity may also experience severe symptoms and may need to be hospitalized. Some common symptoms to look out for includes Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal cramps.

Eating foods contaminated with this bacteria typically affects the intestinal tract leading to different stomach related issues. Diseases caused by the bacteria are officially called salmonellosis.

Bacteria typically lives in animals and human intestines. They are shredded through faeces and then transferred to humans through faeces contaminated food and water. The worst part is that the presence of bacteria cannot be detected as they cannot be seen or smelled.

The public health advisory that onions may last up to three months if stored in a cool, dry place and, hence, “restaurants, retailers, and consumers who suspect having purchased such onions may still have them in storage and should not eat, sell, or serve them, and should throw them out”


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