Sankranti quotes by Sony actors, heres all of them

Bijal Joshi essays the character of Bindu Desai in the show ‘Ladies Special’ “Being a
Gujarati, I used to go to my hometown – Surat whenever I get time on Sankranti where it is
populary known as “Uttarayan”. Everyone used to gather on their terraces and play loud music.
We used to have a competition where who plays the loudest music wins along with the kite
flying game. Also for Gujaratis, every festival implies good and tasty food and on Sankranti, we
make special Khichda with seven different vegetables which is not cooked on the stove but on a
specially made Chulha. Special laddoos with coins hidden in it used to be made and finding
those coins used to be such an exciting thing. Everyone used to have a minimun of 50 to 60
kites. So mostly I am always excited about this festival coming up. One of the most fond
memories that I have of my childhood was when the next day we had schools and we used to
tie bandage and escape from writing for a day saying that we got scars on the hand due to the
Manjha of the Kite.”

Girija Oak essays the character of Meghna in the show ‘Ladies Special’  “What I like the
most about this festival is that we have to wear black on this day and black being my favorite
color makes me happy. In my childhood, my Mother used to make Black silk frocks for me which
I wore so fondly. And even now I have a lot of black sarees which I love to wear specially on this
occasion. I was very fascinated with this idea of wearing black on a festive day which is not the
case in most of the cultures. Also we were excited about kite flying and though I did not fly much
kites, my mom on the other hand was an expert. She infact used to make its threads on its own.
Also we had a ritual of Haldi Kumkum, where all the ladies got together and were also gifted
some kitchen or household items. So, at the end of the day, we had all the unique and different
kitchen items collected like a peeler or an onion chopper and other tiny stuffs.”

Bijal Joshi - Bindu - Ladies Special
Bijal Joshi – Bindu – Ladies Special

Chhavi Pandey essays the character of Prarthana in the show ‘Ladies Special’  “I belong
to Patna where this festival is known as Dahi- Chivda and “Til” is considered very auspicious
and important on this day. But due to shoots, we do not get time to go to our families and
celebrate but due to Sony Television, we get to celebrate it with our team on our set that is also
like my family. Every year my Bade Papa sends Tilkut for me and ensures that it reaches me
before 14 th January. And that I specially eat on that day along with chivda which is known as
Poha in Mumbai along with curd and milk. I really miss my family specially when it comes to
occasions as I miss celebrating it with my cousins and enjoying the festivals together. But just to
cover up for it, I start my day with prayers and by calling my family and wishing them and
seeking their blessings”
Randeep Rai essays the character of Sameer in the show ‘Yeh Unn Dino ki Baat Hain’ ,“I
belong to Jhansi where the weather is too cold in January but we are forced to take a bath early
morning with Til oil on this day. So it has been a difficult task for me since always. And we also
had to eat Til and Til ke laddoo. But what is special for me is that on this day i.e. 14th January,
my elder brother was born who happens to be the first male child of my generation and
therefore is loved by all and we celebrate this day very enthusiastically. On the occasion of
Makar Sankranti ,I am planning to fly kites with my buddies on the sets of my show Yeh Unn
Dino ki Baat Hain. As far as Sankranti for 2019 is considered, I have bought my own house this
year and Makar Sankranti is the first festival coming up after I’ve shifted so I am planning to
celebrate it at my home with my family and friends.

Chhavi Pandey - Prarthana - Ladies Special
Chhavi Pandey – Prarthana – Ladies Special

Srishti Jain essays the character of Jaya in the show ‘Main Maayke Chali Jaungi Tum
Dekhate Rahiyo’ “It has been ten years in Mumbai, and since then we have been celebrating
Sankranti on our terrace with kite flying and a get-together and we have our lunch together. I
remember, when I was twelve, we were in Bhopal with my cousins and they were making fun of
me that I cannot fly kites. So that was the first time when I took it as a challenge and I stood on
the top of the tank and flew the kite independently for the first time. And I was very proud of
myself on this. “

Aniruddh Dave essays the character of Hanumaan Singh in the show ‘Patiala Babes’
“Being from Jaipur I have had
different kinds of experiences in Mumbai when compared to
Jaipur. I love flying kites and we used to be on terraces since 5 am in the morning till night and
then attach lanterns. There used to be music systems all over the terraces playing latest music
adding colours to the celebrations. Because it is Lohri on the 13 th of Jan and Makar Sankranti on
the 14 th , Jaipur has its own way of celebrating the festival and it is fun. I also am fond of this day
because it is my guru ji’s birthday that falls on this day and I am an ardent follower of him. This
year I plan to take a day off from the sets and plan to go to Surat to celebrate his birthday and
Makar Sankranti or popularly known as Uttarayan in Gujarat, with my friends and family.”
Abeer Soofi essays the character of Sai baba in ‘Mere Sai’  "We all know that we donate
something on Makar Sankranti, so me and my family donates to the poor or needy. It is believed
to be a blessing and we do it very religiously every year. We also celebrate Lohri the previous
night and eat popcorns, ground nuts and revari. We light the auspicious fire and enjoy the
festival with family and friends.”
Ashnoor Kaur essays the character of  Mini in ‘Patiala Babes’ “ We celebrate Lohri in a very
fascinating way. Lohri, being the festivals of Punjabi’s is one of my favorite. I go to the
Gurudwara to seek Waheguru’s blessings and celebrate it with my relatives and friends. Since, I
have my prelims going on and upcoming board exams and also the shoot, I will not be able to
celebrate Lohri this year. But I will definitely visit the Gurudwara and seek blessings. This time I
am celebrating double Lohri, one in my show ‘Patiala Babes and second with my family

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