Sara Khan Breaks Down as Sister Ayra Abandons Her, Watch Video

Apparently, Sara's sister Ayra who just entered her adulthood was not so happy with her elder sister's interference.

TV actress, Sara Khan is one of those actresses who has never shied away from being candid. Even when she was on the controversial reality series Bigg Boss, she was honest and blunt and years later she is the same.

For those who follow Sara on social media would know how thick she is with her sister Ayra. However, it seems not all is well between the two sisters.

In a video Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai actress has been inseparable with her younger sister and her social media is a validation of the same. However, in a shocking series of events, the Khan sisters have parted ways.

Due to reasons yet to be known, Ayra has left her sister Sara’s house. This has left the elder sibling tormented.

While speculations and conjectures are rife regarding the reason behind their fall out, Sara has come out in open to give us some clarification. In a series of videos posted on her social media account, Sara has clarified has put all the murmurs to rest with regards to the brawl.

The actress while speaking breaks down, which leaves us heavy-hearted. She starts, “I am making this video to let you guys know that Ayra, my younger sister, whom I love the most jitne bhi loog mere aas-paas hain, jitney bi loog mujhe acche se jaante hain, jante hai ki mein usse kitna pyar karti hun aur woh mere liye kya maayne rakhti hai. Hamesha usse… I treated her like my daughter. But right now I unfollowed her and deleted all the pictures. Bahut saare log bahut saari baateinn kar rahe hain. A lot of people… different stories.”

Watch the entire video here…

Apparently, Sara’s sister Ayra who just entered her adulthood was not so happy with her elder sister’s interference. As a result, she decided to leave her house and her. Ayra on the other hand, posted something from her side as well.

Reading Ayra’s post we realized that there is a hope of reconciliation between the two. She has put down her points in a positive manner and has cleared that no one can divide the Khan sisters. We hope the sisters do patch up quickly and bury the hatchet.

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