Saudi woman who fled country, will now be accorded refuge in Canada

Canada has now confirmed that it will provide refuge to the Saudi woman, who fled her family and claiming fear for her life if deported back to Saudi Arabia.

Presently stuck in Thailand, she escaped deportation by reaching out to the world community on social media.

The decision to give haven to the 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun capped a nearly week-long drama that highlighted the power of social media to call attention to her case.

Alqunun’s appeal for refugee status also underscored the severe restrictions that women in Saudi Arabia face.

The U.N. refugee agency coordinated with Canadian authorities to resettle her there, and she will be in the care of the International Organization for Migration once she arrives, it was informed.

Alqunun’s father and brother, who denied any allegations of abuse, traveled to Thailand and attempted to meet her.

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