Murarka challenges Sundarani to contest election as an independent candidate

Says, wherever Sundarani fights from, I would inflict defeat on him


Kailash Murarka, the main accused of the infamous Rajesh Munat sleeze CD episode, has thrown an open cahllenge for BJP legislator Srichand Sundarani. Murarka has asked Sundarani to contest the forhcoming assembly election as an independent candidate against him. He claimed that if Sundarani responds to his chllenge, he (Murarka) would inflict huge defeat upon Sundarani.

Challenging Sundarani in a Facebook post on Monday, Murarka said, ‘Srichand Sundarani alleges that as a TV Channel reporter, Murarka was not a responsible person. I say that all councillors close to Sundarani, whom he (Sundarani) obliged with a party ticket, have lost elections. If Sundarani fights election agaist me as an independent candidate, he would realize the ways of this world.’ Murarka also challenged Sundarani to fight against him from any assembly segment of his choice.

Murarka was cheered up by his supporters and well-wishers as the post went viral soon. They also called him nothing less than a "god" for his supporters. One of the supporters pledged all his support for Murarka. He reacted to Murarka’s post, ‘Kailash Bhaiya, we are all with you. You are like a god to us. You have stood up unflinchingly with us all the time. you Are Great bhaiyaji, you are great.’

Some of his supporters has claimed that they would soon bring many CD’s like the Munat sleeze CD to unmask elected representatives of the people.

On the other hand, some supporters have come to Murarka’s side, asking him to unravel the name of the real culprits (Ravan) involved in the sex CD incident. Rest of the ‘Lanka’ would be brought down by Murarka’s supporters.

Meanwhile, Murarka claimed in a different FB post that the confidence of his supporters on him is his political mainstay. He said that never in his political career has he touched a rupee wrongfully. The faith of his supporters is what he values most.

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