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SBI Credit Card holders Alert! SBI warns customers of credit card fraud

Bank has an important message for you

SBI Credit Cardholders Alert! State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest bank has important advice for its customers. SBI Bank has over 40 crore customers in the country and with such a huge customer base, it becomes a target of fraudsters and hackers. As SBI credit cards are quite popular, its customers should know how to be safe from such fraudsters.

There has been a number of instances of credit card pin fraud cases. According to reports, these hackers generally target the customer who are indulged in online banking– shopping, online food order or swiping cards at various places like a shopping mall, restaurants etc.

As SBI cares for its customers, it has warned them about credit card pin fraud. The bank shared a video on credit card pin fraud and asked its customers to not to CC number, ATM pin and CVV details with anyone.

Your Credit Card number, ATM pin and CVV details are private and confidential. While making a card payment, do not share your card details with anyone. Issued in public interest by SBI Card,” SBI tweeted along with a video.

Credit Card Safety Tips Against Credit Card Pin Frauds, Bank ATM Pin, OTP Scam:

SBI Card sends a transaction alert SMS on your registered mobile number every time you swipe your card or use it for an online/ IVR or mobile transaction to ensure the safety of your transactions and minimise the chances of frauds. Check for the transaction amount and date updated in the SMS. In case you find any discrepancy in these transactions or if they have not been done by you, please call SBI Card helpline and report the disputed transactions immediately. Hence it is important to keep your existing mobile number updated in our records so you continue to receive transactions alerts.

Review your credit card statements properly and regularly. If you ever observe a disputed or suspicious transaction, report the same to our helpline immediately

Remember to collect your card after the transaction.

Do not handover your SBI Card to anyone including company representatives

Cover your keypad while you are typing in your PIN number. Use your hand and body to cover your keypad when operating a handheld pin-pad or a payment processing machine like an ATM. This will prevent shoulder surfers and pinhole cameras from observing your PIN number

Always ensure that your card is swiped in your presence. Pay at the terminal instead of giving your card to a waiter for payment processing, after dining at restaurants.

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