Schoolgirls thrashed after they resisted sexual advances!!

This after they resisted the undesirable sexual advances.

In yet another horrific tale of torture for the young school girls, goons in Bihar went ahead and thrashed more than 30 schoolgirls.

This after they resisted the undesirable sexual advances.

The girls are students of a government school in Supaul district and had to be admitted to a primary health centre for treatment.

It is said as per local sources that youngsters from a nearby village reportedly had a habit of harassing the girls regularly.

It was informed that they would pass lewd remarks and write vulgar comments on the school wall but no action was taken against them even after the girls complained about it to the school administration.

The latest incident comes after earlier this year, at least 34 girl students in a government-funded shelter home in Muzaffarpur complained that they were raped on multiple occasions.

It is said that girls were thrashed after they took the issue with the boys there, it is alleged.

The boys, as per complaint, came armed with armed with sticks and attacked the school girls.

Local reports suggest that the girls were brutally beaten with some even receiving wounds and bleeding.

District administration meanwhile has promised action against perpetrators of the crime.

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