Modi Breaches Own Security Cover, Meets And Greets Supporters

Security agencies had warned against exactly this

Despite being advised by SPG, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today broke his own security cover to reach our to people. As Modi’s convoy started for Bhilai Steel Plant from the helipad in Bhilai, swarms of people were seen standing on roadsides to get a glimpse and to greet him.

The crowd was shouting ‘Modi-Modi’. Prime Minister Modi was excited to see the enthusiasm of the people. To return their greetings, Modi first got out of his moving car and then started moving slowly towards the crowd. He then greeted them and shook hands with them too by the roadside.

While Modi’s gesture won a lot of hearts, security agencies were not too pleased with that.

Special Protection Group had got intelligence inputs on threat to Modi’s life. An unprecedented security cover had been thrown around him. Modi himself had been told not to go out of his way during his visit to Bhilai. He had been told neither to greet people from aclose proximity, nor to let anybody touch himself.

However, Modi, being one of the most popular PMs of India. could not resist the temptation to reach out to his supporters. Seeing the enthusiasm of the people, he broke the security cover and exchanged greetings wih the people.

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