‘Sense8’ to have a two-hour finale on Netflix

New Delhi [India] : ‘Sense8’ fans, we have some good news for you.

A two-hour finale episode is in the works for the cancelled Netflix series, the show announced on Twitter.

The news came in the form of a letter from co-creator Lana Wachowski, who helmed the most recent second season of the sci-fi series after sister Lilly Wachowski took a step back.

The streaming giant shared the letter on its official account, along with a video tribute to the sci-fi series.

“The outpouring of love and grief that came in the wake of the news that Sense8 would not be continuing was so intense that I often found myself unable to open my own email,” she began in the letter.
“I had never worked so hard, or put so much of myself into a project as I had with Sense8 and its cancellation hollowed me out.”

“As the characters in our show discover that they are not alone, I too have learned that I am not just a me. I am also a we,” she wrote, adding, “While it is often true that these decisions are irreversible, it is not always true.”

She continued in the note, which was directed to the fans, “Improbably, unforeseeably, your love has brought ‘Sense8’ back to life.”

Lana Wachowski said Netflix “loves” the show but admitted that the numbers have “always been challenging,” before signing off with a nod to the second season’s cliffhanger ending, “Now let’s go find out what happens to Wolfgang [Max Riemelt].”

When Netflix cancelled the original series, the fans, who had the public support of star Brian J. Smith, launched a petition and the #RenewSense8 movement began to pick up steam.

Despite the fan outcry, Netflix confirmed the series was still cancelled the following week.

“We wish we could #BringBackSense8 for you. The reason we’ve taken so long to get back to you is because we’ve thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work but unfortunately we can’t,” wrote the streamer on its Facebook page.

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