Monsoon Session of Parliament to sit for 18 days

Shadows of a failed Budget Session still loms large

Monsoon session of Indian Parliament will work for 18 days this year. It has been scheduled to start on July 18th and will sign off on August 10th.

parliamentary affairs minister Ananth Kumar informed pressmen of this decision on Monday. While the Monsoon Session, 2017 had been considered a successful session in terms of the legislative business conducted and wide participation of all political parties in discussions on various issues of national importance, the Budget session, immediately preceding the monsoon session this year, was a complete washout.

During the last session, the Lok Sabha (LS) spent just 1% of its allotted time on legislative business even as the Rajya Sabha (RS) spent 6%. The actual hours that the Houses sat as against those available was 21% for the LS and 27% for the RS.

In all, 250 hours were wasted while issues like the PNB scam and alleged dilution of the SC/ST Act couldn’t come up for discussion.

Though the Upper House spent 2 hours, 31 minutes discussing legislative business, the lower one spent only three minutes of this time on government bills.

The rest of the time was spent on private members’ bills.

During the Monsoon Session, 2017 of Parliament which commenced on Monday, the 17th July, 2017, concluded on Friday, the 11th August, 2017. Both Houses were adjourned sine die.

The Session provided 19 sittings spread over a period of 26 days. The productivity of Lok Sabha was 77.94% and that of Rajya Sabha was 79.95%.

During the Session, 17 Bills (17 in the Lok Sabha) were introduced. The Lok Sabha passed 14 Bills and while the Rajya Sabha passed 9 Bills during the session.

13 Bills were passed by both the Houses of Parliament. This has been an achievement considering that it was a short session of Parliament and a considerable time was devoted to discussions on important issues and the Elections to the Offices of President and Vice President of India.

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