Shashi Tharoor in Raipur tomorrow; know what to expect

It is his maiden visit to the Chhattisgarh capital

Well known Congress man and All India Professional Congress Chairman Shashi Tharoor will be visiting Raipur tomorrow.

It is his maiden visit to the Chhattisgarh capital.

Tharoor, it need be mentioned, has also tweeted his happiness over an opportunity to visit the Raipur city.

Tharoor is set to address people associated with the Professional Congress in Hotel Sayaji tomorrow itself.

The program would also be attended by Congress leaders PL Punia, Chandan Yadav and Bhupesh Baghel as well as TS Singhdeo.

Both Bhupesh Baghel, who is President of Chhattisgarh Congress, and TS Singhdeo, who is leader of legislator party of Chhattisgarh Congress, have also tweeted how it is a privilege to welcome Tharoor here in Chhattisgarh.

An expected hundred to two hundred guests have been invited in the program which is largely going to be attended by doctors, Chartered Accountants and businessmen.

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