Shikshakarmi consumes poison; dies while under treatment

but he eventually died

In a shocking incident, it has emerged that a Shikshakarmi has consumed poison.

It is said that the incident that took place in Mardapal area of Kondagaon where this particular Shikshakarmi also consumed pieces of glass to ensure that his attempt does not go in vain.

The Shikshakarmi is currently admitted in hospital but he eventually died.

The Shikshakarmi has been identified as Sukru Baghel who belongs to a village in Mardapal area of Kondagaon.

He was posted in Tekapal primary school.

Though the body has now been sent in for post mortem, police has now begun probe.

Police meanwhile also this Shikshakarmis had two wives both of whom are also sisters.


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