Shikshakarmis to continue struggle for merger, vows Virendra Dubey

In the letter itself, it has been said that

With patience running out among the Shikshakarmis of Chhattisgarh after the merger related initiative of Madhya Pradesh, Virendra Dubey, the state President of the Shikshak Nagriya Nikaay Morcha has issued an open letter in the social media.

In the letter itself, it has been said that merger related longstanding demand would be put up yet more with assertion.

He has once again reiterated that near 1.75 lakh Shikshakarmis would be provided with justice that they have long been waiting for.

He said that though the effort so far has not yet resulted in merger of the Shikshakarmis, it needs to be acknowledged that this struggle has forced the state government to accord them proper pay hike.

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