Shocking: Professor says Women who Wear Jeans, Shirts give Birth to Transgenders

A professor of Botany in Kerala has come up with a bizarre remark on women. Rajith Kumar, the professor has said that women who wear clothes like men end up “giving birth to transgenders.”

Botany professor in Kerala has come up with a bizarre remark on women.

Rajith Kumar, the professor has said that women who wear clothes like men end up “giving birth to transgenders.” Rajith Kumar made the comments while he was speaking during an awareness class for students in Kasaragod in Kerala as reported .

Ranjith said, “Women who wear jeans and shirts and dress like men, give birth to children called transgender.

There are over six lakh transgenders in Kerala.” If you think that this is where he would stop, he didn’t. Ranjith further went on to say that couples give birth to “good children” who “live their lives as men and women.”

While speaking at the gathering he also added that the children turn out to be “autistic and suffer from cerebral palsy” whose parents who are not of good character.

What comes as shocking is that this is not the first time when Ranjith has made comments like this. Various media reports suggest that the professor’s remarks have created an outrage earlier as well.

Ranjith is said to made remarks against girl students while he was addressing at a women’s college in Thiruvananthapuram. This was followed by students booing him out and boycotted his speech by walking out in protest.

Meanwhile, Ranjith is not the first professor from Kerala to come up with such comments. Earlier, Jouhar Munavvir, a professor from the state was shamed for making comments about female students.

Munavvir was speaking on the dressing style in college during a counselling session. Munavvir had been booked under Section 354, 509(a) of the Indian Penal Code.

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