About to join a job, young lad commits suicide, what happened??

About to join a job, young lad commits suicide, what happened??

–Pratibhaa Nair–

Should it be called fate or pure tragedy and then who’s to blame for it?  Yesterday afternoon a 24 year old young charming boy ended up his life.

It is a incidence near Vadakkencherry in Palakkad. As per the information Shivakumar smart, young, talented a very passionate boy who was from a Middle class family and the only son of his parents. He was getting ready to join his new job in December.

And it’s painful to know that the reasons behind his death were his own parents. Every time when the
growing children are blamed we forget that we are also human beings and everyone has come across
this before getting into parenthood.

Shivkumar was going under pathetic depression for last one month as his mother who was everything for him, was missing one fine morning. She decided to leave with her lover and ran away leaving behind her family.

This was shocking news for Shivakumar as he never expected her to take such a step. No case was filed. His father immediately brought a step mother for him. She was a good lady and took great care of Shivakumar.

Somehow he was recovering but when he started moving out his friends, relatives taunted him badly telling about his mother.

He could not face the society. He was unable to answer the questions raised.
Yesterday afternoon he wrote “I know, I did not do any mistake. But myself respect is hurt every moment.

This is unbearable. Mom, dad your dreams were bigger than mine. So i am killing my dreams and myself to let you live yours. Thanks for everything. I find myself to be the most unluckiest.

Who is responsible for this? The parents, the society we all are responsible. How can a mother be so selfish? Can his parents lead a happy life after this? So many deaths take place every day for no reason. Every life is important. Let not play with it.

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About to join a job; young lad commits suicide; what happened??
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