“Shrimad Bhagwat has all the answers which even Google cannot answer”

Writer Vikas Kapoor - the great initiator of religious serials is back with his new spiritual awakening "Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran" to air on Colors channel from June 2

Producer Nikhil Dwivedi’s new religious serial “Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran” will commence its telecast from June 2, 2019 on Colors channel and thereafter every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. It is directed by Kamal Moonga. The story, screenplay and dialogue are penned by Vikas Kapoor, who holds a record number of having written more than 5,000 hours of religious series. He is also a recipient of Presidential Award for “Shirdi Ke Saibaba”. Shri Kapoor is known for various religious serials like “Om Namah Shivay”, “Shree Ganesh”, “Shobha Somnath Ki”, “Jai Santoshi Maa”, “Jap Tap Vrath”, “Mann Mein Hain Vishwas”, “Sai Bhakton Ki Sachchi Kahiniyaan” and many others. Thus, he is called ‘Maha Guru’ and ‘the God’s own writer’.

Speaking about his new initiative “Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran”, Vikas Kapoor says, “From my very early days, I have been reading various religious books like Granths, Geeta, Ved, Quran, Bible and many others. Thus this has helped me in highlighting various aspects of mythology. During my stay in Kanpur, my articles on mythology used to be published in various newspapers. During the silver jubilee celebration of the famed ‘Pandit Deendayal Vidyalaya’ in Kanpur, I got an opportunity to write and direct for a Hindi play titled as ‘Yug Purush’. Here Nitesh Bharadwaj had honoured his presence as a ‘renowned guest’. Those days he was making a serial, ‘Gita Rahasya’ for Doordarshan. He requested me to come to Mumbai and thus slowly I kept on meeting people and thereafter finally managed to reach here.”

Highlighting about this serial “Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran”, writer Vikas Kapoor further adds, “In this the main protagonist will be played by’Radha’ who will pitch in various queries including those that prevail in the minds of the people and the same will be answered by ‘Shree Krishna’. I have done intensive research and have included finer details. It will shed light on many such issues that even Google Baba will not have those answers.” He further declares, “This serial has so many answers to various issues which have not been shown till this date. Like, where is the trident (trishul) which beheaded Parvati’s son Ganesh by Shankarji? Whose 11-heads has been adorning as the necklace on Shankarji’s neck? Why did not Radha and Krishna marry? Why did Shri Ram disown Seeta? And many more…. form the major and unique aspects of this serial. Thanks to my producer Nikhil Dwivedi and Pradeep Kumar Dhoot ji who gave their adequate support in making the impossible, possible with facts and figures.”

On quizzing about his book “Kundalini Jagran”, Shri Kapoor shares, “This book has been appreciated a lot. “Kundalini Jagran” is about seven primary chakras in human body. It involves meditation, energy and yoga and incidentally, the yoga has been written by yoga master Patanjali. Today the times are different from what prevailed in ancient days. Littérateur Sharad Pagare after reading Shri Kapoor’s book has written “Patanjali’s Yog Shastra” which has helped him due to its simplified versions that can be understood easily. Shri Kapoor says, “To awaken all the seven chakras is a difficult task. All the chakras of Gautam Buddha and Guru Nanak Dev were awake. At present, I feel that our favourite PM Shri Narendra Modi’s many chakras are awake. He does so much of hard work by toiling long hours that he does not get tired. He looks energetic all the time.”

Recalling Vikas Kapoor’s show “Achanak Uss Roz” on Dangal TV channel aired recently has created ripples and is one more leaf from his successful professional career. Adding to his crowded cap is a Hindi feature film ‘Jazba-Your Weakness is Your Strength’, which is based on the physically challenged cricket team and revolves around their life and struggle. It is produced by Aushim Khetarpal.

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