Sikh officer saves Muslim man from mob; garners praise on social media

police personnel has been identified as Gagandeep Singh

Social media has hailed how a Sikh police personnel braved before a mob to save a Muslim man in Uttarakhand.

It so happened that the Muslim man was caught with a girl in a temple.

The mob then caught hold of the man and vented out their fury but before it could have gone ugly, the police officer intervened.

The police personnel has been identified as Gagandeep Singh.

He had arrived there at the spot after being alerted to trouble in an area near a prominent temple in Ramnagar.

It was then that he figured that a group was attacking a Muslim man seen with his Hindu girlfriend.

The couple under attack was taken to the police station, where the woman was handed over to her parents.

06 Jun 2020, 12:55 PM (GMT)

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