Sikh taxi driver emerges hero; saves girl from a paedophile

Sikh taxi driver emerges hero; saves girl from a paedophile

It was a Sikh taxi driver who has been hailed as a hero for saving a 13-year-old school girl in the UK from a planned abduction by a paedophile armed with knives, tape and sleeping pills, a media report said.

Satbir Arora picked up the girl on February 20, dressed in her school uniform, after she booked his taxi to go from her home in Oxfordshire to Gloucester train station.

But waiting for the minor girl was 24-year-old Sam Hewings, who planned to abduct her after she was dropped off. He had already discussed kidnapping, sedating and raping a victim on online forums, the report said.

When no one arrived to meet the girl, the taxi driver asked her for more information but when pressed she declined to say more, it said. Arora tried to ascertain whether the girl’s parents knew where she was, while phoning the man she said she was meeting – making recordings of all of the calls.

Arora called his wife – with whom he runs the taxi service – and discussed his concerns with her, before passing the phone to the girl. The girl eventually confided in Arora that her parents did not know where she was, the report said. He then called the police, while also alerted a nearby police officer.

Arora has now been given an award for his work protecting the girl, saving her from an ‘unthinkable ordeal’, the report added.

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