Six day ritual in Tirupati temple, limited number of devotees allowed

The ritual is known as 'Astabandhana Balalaya Mahasamprokshanam'

The Tirupati temple that invokes devotion to millions is now all set for a six day ritual.

The famous hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara is preparing for a ritual that is held once in 12 years.

It is said that the Tirupati administration in consultation with the temple authorities have decided to allow only 30,000 devotees on a daily basis.

The ritual is known as ‘Astabandhana Balalaya Mahasamprokshanam’.

It is when the high priests would undertake minor structural repairs inside the sanctum sanctorum of the 2,000-year old temple and other sub-shrines.

In view of the ceremony, issuance of all online ‘seva’ tickets including for pre-dawn rituals and privileged worships have been suspended till August 16.

During the mid-August period, usually about one lakh pilgrims visit the temple which attracts devotees from across the country all through the year.

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