To monitor or not to monitor children’s online habits?

Smart phones are smarter than children, but…

21st Century is an era, when children don’t easily know what they are getting themselves into. Parents should take extra responsibility to provide their children a safe childhood.

The internet is filled with everything and anything. It’s just a matter of what is being looked up. If taken care, children can gain lots of knowledge which will help them enhance their life in a big way.

Though it sounds true, it doesn’t hold much water with child psychologists and parenting experts. They are of the view that with the rise of the new technologies, emerge various smart phones that are a real addiction to most of the children.

Though smart phones can be used for a good purpose most of the children are utilizing them in a negative manner. It makes communication easier, helps in locating adventures and many things. But most of the children get addicted to cyber bullying, addictive games and many other hazardous activities.

These may have a direct impact on the minds of young children. For having control over these issues parents must monitor their kids occasionally.


A major research has proved that a majority of parents have personally monitored their teen’s web history or social media profile, but fewer use parental controls or tracking tools. Apple has installed a built-in ‘Screen Time’ which will help parents in restricting apps and websites, and also monitoring how much time they have spent on their device.

There are other apps – Mobicip, which is paid (premium) but is really helpful, as it transforms your web browser into a simpler, and more filtered one. Nishchint is another application that not only monitors your kids’ online activity but also literally everything they do on their cell phones. It is good to keep track of what your child is doing, but do not pressurise. Allow them a bit of freedom; as it makes them feel a bit responsible.

However, gadgets and apps have somewhere broken the transparency bond between parents and children. The idea of parents using applications to keep track of mobile phone and online activity in their children’s phones might at first seem to intrude privacy of children but then it gradually builds responsibility within children and strengthens the trust bond.

Children must be monitored so that they are secure and do not get into unhealthy or unsafe means. It is a way to prevent any mishaps and will ensure time management in the lives of children. This change by Apple will encourage building real-life relationships and a secure environment for children.

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